Nagging in the back of my brain was the question: why not?
Fear was not a good enough reason not to do something.

Sunset over TLV

Exactly one year ago to the day, I started the packing for the biggest, scariest and without doubt the most life-changing adventure of my life.

Sunset over Rehovot

To be the person that we want to be we need to be constantly evolving, constantly adapting and what more powerful weapon is there than the written word


DACompare is a companion script to DAPlotter. DACompare takes two or more saved DeerAnalysis analysis sets of files and quickly presents them in a combined figure. This is particularly useful for comparison of different ligands or when checking for orientation selection.

DALoader is a companion script to DAPlotter. DALoader takes the saved DeerAnalysis analysis files and loads the data quickly into the MatLab workspace.

EPR toolbox home screen

The EPR toolbox project is a major on-going development of scripts and user interfaces that run within the MATLAB environment allowing the completion and automation of many of the every-day tasks associated with Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR).