Thursday, 24th February 2011

Cleaners, or as I call them…

…glorified coridoor furniture.  Seriously.  What exactly is it that cleaners do.  On my walks about work over the last couple of weeks I see completely unable to go anywhere without at least bumping into 2 “cleaners”.  And I use parenthese deliberately.  Because as yet, after 6 weeks of being at this university I have, as yet, to actually do any cleaning.
What I have seen is people which look like they’ve had their souls sucked out of their eye-balls stand around in small groups talking about inane drivel.  “Ooo have you seen Shelia today….blah blah blah …. doesnt treat her right …. blah blah … if I were her ….”
I’d like to point out that by and large I am not complaining about the general cleanliness of the place.  Although it would be good to have the bin in our office emptied more than once a week.  My point is this.
What is the point of paying people by the hour for a full days work when all they can manage is to empty a bin once a week.

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