Thursday, 24th February 2011

Snow blindness

Well upon Friday night despite the snow in these parts I journeyed back to the remote parts of Norfolk.  This resulted in a good local curry and a pint or two down the pub.  But the real pain came on Saturday.  As part of my mother’s madness and desire for as long as possible holiday, it was decided that we shall pick up her mother in a day.

So with 6 inches of snow on the roads, (although that stopped just after Peterbourgh) 10 hours 56 minutes and 562 miles later I returned to the remote parts of Norfolk after a roundtrip to South Wales.  With nothing to show for it but a Welsh cup of tea and an appriciation of Birmingham service stations.

Anyway, more snow has fallen and with drifts of upto 2 feet in the garden I dont think I shall be going far for a few days.  Which should greatly add to my general unplugging and relaxation.  Let’s just hope RATM beats Simon Cowell for the Christmas number one and then truly it shall be a happy Christmas

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