Thursday, 24th February 2011

A teasing end to summer

Today you join me on my iPhone outside the cinema waiting for 2 rather large bounders to turn up so we can watch district 9. Whether it’s any good is anyones guess but lady E tells me that it’s actually quite racist to the Nigerians. Making it right up Canny’s street then really.

Anyway, today was spent split between the seaside town of Sherringham and the picturesque market town of Holt. Got to see JC’s parents have some fish and chips and even an ice cream on the sea front despite the intermitant cloud and biting wind.

Mini (JC’s dog), still makes me laugh with her ability to jump 3 times her height and get most of the way up my chest. An impressive feat by any dog’s standard. However, she like every other animal could not break the power of my magic crotch and within a minute of being sat on my lap she was asleep.

The only thing that tainted the whole day was the cracking hang over from last nights drinking. 5 pints with JCs boss and I was having to get up 4 times during the night in search of water. It killed my lie in, making me wake at 8. And then had the awdasity to give a cracking hang over. Although nothing a good fry up and coffee couldn’t fix.

Anyway, the guys are now running 20 minutes late so I should probably chase them up and see where they’ve got too


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