Thursday, 24th February 2011

Train companies are ridiculous

Ok so I just phoned up Network Rail to see if I could buy a ticket to go up to Manchester and see E over New Year.  Not only did they quote me over £40 single or well over £60 for a return, oh but sir there’s a £5 booking fee which if we over look that oh you want those tickets sent to you, well there is P&P fee if you dont collect from the station

Blow this I said, you can stuff your tickets. So I went onto the East Midlands Trains website.  They immediately quoted me the £40 for a single, but this time no booking fee and no postage fee.
Now let me break it down for you, with a little trick I learnt a while back.
  • Downham Market -> Ely £3.75
  • Ely -> Nottingham £10.55
  • Nottingham -> Stockport £9.95
That’s right.  Total trip £24.25.
Worse than that the train from Ely to Stockport is the Norwich/Liverpool line.  Its the same train. I dont even have to get off the train. And cos I booked on the East Mids website I could book my seat. So I’ve got a nice window table seat.  The same seat.
Screw you network rail! Screw you!

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