Been a funny old week really.  Bit all of the place really full of lots of things and nothing all at the same time.  I mean work for example has been a bit of a joke this week; the microwave bridge has turned back up from Germany so the group is operational again which is good.  We have been billed £700 for that plus courierage, but then the engineers report is a line and a half, and says that they soldered one joint back together and turned one dial.  So I’m not sure what you get for your money there 4pence worth of solder plus 32pence for a dial = £700.  You do the math and see what you get.  I mean you wouldnt pay £700 for an MOT where the mechanic tells you that he had to change 3 screws.

Not that it matters really, cause my concentrated protein that has now been harvested from my former bugs, on Tuesday was set to do the final step of purification.  However, some fool had tampered with the equipment, meaning that instead of my protein being pumped onto the purification column it was pumped into essentially a slightly diluted container of chlorine.  So that’s a write off.  And despite the machinary now being back and operational everything I’ve done since Christmas was in vain.  Ca la vie.

But I should have known really it was going to be a strange week after Jason’s birthday party at the weekend, which shall only be referred to in the usual Vietnam style. “You werent there man! You werent there!

But seriously, it was just one of those events where there were photos, but it’ll be a night that remains in peoples’ memories.  I mean at how many parties do you have 3 people throwing up in various vessels in a bathroom at once? Or have someone lock themselves in a toilet then fall asleep? Or get so drunk that they think that phoning their entire office answerphone and then getting everyone to leave a message was a good idea? Or get to share my bed with a drunken Dave, that was so drunk he’d gone for a dump infront of people, yet no one had seen him wipe, only to be woken up a few hours later with him shouting “THERES SOMEONE IN MY BED”? Yes Dave that would be me.  Remember? My bed, my house?

Just seems that some people cant take their tequila like men.

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