Wednesday, 18th January 2012

That slightly racist car game

Walking to the car last night after Jason’s humiliation at badminton I was reminded again of a little game that I invented on Friday.  A game that after some time I affectionately named “Jerry, Jap or Yank”.  The game itself was created as I waited for an every 5 minutes bus (I stood there for 37 minutes in the end) outside Cambridge train station.

After some time of generally starring at nothing it dawned on me that nothing seemed to be driving past me except VWs and Audis.  Upon this realisation it then become somewhat of a personal challenge to then try and spot cars that went past that were not of German construction (or at least design).  This itself became quite a difficult game as by and large the vast majority of traffic traveling into the train station cul-de-sac are private hire taxis in nature.  This meant that almost every thing going past was a VW Passat, large Audi (A6-esque) or Mercedes van-taxi conversion.  Less often were BMWs or Skodas, but then these are both still German in design.

The only frequent cars that were excluded from the German rule turned out to be Ford Mondeos (yank) or Toyota Corelloas (Japanese representation).  Far less often were London Taxi cabs (the largest remaining British car manufacturer) and Frog cars (Peugeot 4007 and Citroen C5).  And in last place was the strange entry by the Koreans, with the Kia van type 7-seater thing.

So my only conclusion that I can take away from the modestly racistly named game is that Cambridge only seem to buy Jerry or Jap cars.  Big ol’ diesel ones at that.  Very strange from a very proud, old, “green” city like Cambridge.  But more importantly, are there only 11 cars in the world now?

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