Monday, 11th June 2012

Red car…

Today I had to take the car to a tyre garage type place having picked up a puncture in the shape of a massive thorn over the weekend. Now I've never been a great advocate of the intelligence required to be a mechanic but having discussed the matter with the garage prior to my arrival, I was pleasantly surprised where, upon my arrival I was greeted with the title Sir and sure enough I had to say nothing about the issue at hand.

Now having watched me pull into the garage, get out the car and walk into the office I still, out of courtesy as much as anything said “It's the red Citroen” and handed over a red key with obvious Citroen branding.

So the guy walks back out into the car park which contains only 3 cars; a silver Vauxhall Corsa, a red Citroen DS3 and a silver Ford Mondeo (which was obviously the bosses). He casually saunters over to the Corsa and starts mashing the key-fob and in puzzlement looks around to see why the car is unlocking. Meanwhile, the indicators on the Citroen 1 parking bay over were doing what can only be described as an epileptic fit at a strobe light disco.

Ca la vie. Needless to say, once he had the right car the job was done well and for a pretty reasonable price.

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