Faced with fitting well over 30 experiments at room and low temperature at multiple frequencies, as all of my experiments are spin-labelled mutants of the same protein then surely their EPR properties would be similar. I decided that there must be a better way of using EasySpin than manually inputting each file in time and time […]

E2AF or “EPR 2 ASCII folder” is a folder version of E2A, whereby a folder of Bruker EPR files are converted to ASCII data files (readable by any operating system), by default the conversion is to *.csv files (comma seperated values). These file formats are easily editable and can be imported into Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice […]

The Savitzky-Golay smoothing function essentially applies a local polynominal fitting routine to a series of data points to then find the smoothed data points. This has the benefit that for sharp intense peaks (common to EPR) that the line broadening effects and lessening of peak intensity seen by a local moving window average are not […]

cwViewer is a tool for the easy opening, analysis, manipulation and plotting of cw EPR data and superceeds the previous function cwPlotter With an intuitive user interface, users can quickly create professional looking figures in seconds and export them however they like. Here’s a quick demo introducing the basic features: cwPlotter comes as part of […]

DeerAnalysis is a program from the team at ETH Zurich that allows for the easy conversion of DEER / PELDOR data into distance distributions. The program itself runs within MATLAB which is renowned for being difficult to make high quality figures with, and DeerAnalysis provides no easy way to obtain the raw data behind the plots […]

Following on from pdbimport, pdbexport takes a PDB structure that has been loaded into MATLAB and exports it to the file structure as a .pdb file File naming and location is handled using a graphical user interface; whilst the final file will contain as much data as is held in the PDB structure. Syntax PDBEXPORT(ProteinA)

The Bruker spectrometers output data by default in the Bruker BES3T format, which whilst being perfectly usable is not recognisable by most operating as standard. This script was originally written for the benefit of the project students in the lab who wanted to plot their cw EPR data in Excel without going to the trouble of […]