This morning whilst writing some reports I wanted to show some rotamer populations of my spin label attached to the protein. Whilst MMM provides visualisation, and having had discussions with Jeschke I understand just how difficult it is to do, I do not consider them to be of publication standard. For this reason I needed to […]

Disclaimer: the author does not condone piracy but this may be used as a temporary measure ​As readers of my work-sided blog posts will be aware, I've had some recent problems with spectrometers and their control PCs. As a result I've been swapping computers and network cards right, left and centre to try and get things […]

Recently in the lab we've had some problems thanks to a helpful software update rendering it impossible to connect to a spectrometer. This troubleshooting provides a record of my steps to diagnosing the problem. Hopefully shortening the process in the future. The spectrometer in question is a Bruker ELEXSYS E580/E680 hybrid connected to a HP/Bruker […]

Today I’ve been trying to come up with a nice way of visualising the binding interface between protein-protein or protein-DNA complexes. What follows is a quick little walk-through mostly for my own purposes so that I can remember what I’ve done in the future. Download PDB file from, here XXXX will be your PDB […]