Tuesday, 17th January 2012

A short welcome and introduction

Hello and welcome to my personal website here @

This website serves three continuing purposes. Initially this was started as a pet project, I have always been an inquisitive sort especially when it comes to technology. However, I found myself in a position where I knew very little about the workings of websites, despite using them on a daily basis. So, being the “why not?” sort that I am I decided to expand my knowledge. And what better way to learn than through a project of your own?

You are currently reading the results of this on-going project.

I think a certain amount of self promotion in this modern world is a nice thing to have. Increasing it’s becoming more and more of a necessity, whether it be interest from future employers, competitors or just nosy individuals. This modern world finds itself heading in a direction where communication between one’s social network is ever increasing.

With the ever increasing popularity of social networking and microblogging sites cataloging everything in one’s life soon privacy will be gone, but why not? If someone wants to know what music I listen to, then let them, it’s only when this knowledge is used for commercial gain do I have issue.

For this reason I think it is a worthwhile investment to have one centre for your online life and persona, from this location all friends and family can share in my experiences as well as thoughts and feelings.

Finally, as I progress through my professional research career and PhD I hope to keep updating my research section with helpful hints and maybe simple introductions to more advanced topics. Whilst currently this still remains on the drawing board as a pipe-dream, there are noble intentions to give back to the education community.

So please take a minute or two to explore the site. I hope that you enjoy it, so as to justify the hours that have been ploughed into it over the months. Hey, you might even learn something.

Thanks for reading.


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